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Toni & Verne Beelard
Vacaville, Ca
Triple B
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Breeding Plans for 2018

The two most frequently asked questions:

1.   Cost, my pups sell for $2500.00 (Price won't change in 2018)

2.  Must the dogs be shown in conformation (Dog Shows)- No, I only
     sell my pups as family pets, on a non show, non breeding contract!
We do not have any puppies at this time.

Unfortunately, our last attempts to breed did not end up with success. We are now waiting for Elsa's next cycle, due sometime in May/June 2018.

Wendy (a Elsa daughter) will turn two in February, providing she clears all of her health clearances, she will also be bred around June, 2018. will be summer before we have the possibility of puppies. Check back with us if your still looking for a pup!