Triple B Bernese Mountain Dogs

Toni & Verne Beelard
Vacaville, Ca
Triple B
Properly caring for and preparing our dogs for breeding requires a lot of sacrifice and total dedication to the individual dogs and the breed. Many people mistakenly think breeding is easy. However the reality is quite different. Many hours, and income, have been put into educating ourselves about the breed, learning good health care practices, studying genetics and pedigrees, training and socializing the dogs. We believe in selecting sound, healthy Bernese with appropriate temperaments for our breeding program. We evaluate all of our dog’s hips and elbows for dysplasia, and certify them with OFA. We have their eyes checked for any genetic abnormalities and register those results with CERF. We are very willing to share information about our dogs and about the breed in general. If we can help you with your research please feel free to call or email us.

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