Triple B Bernese Mountain Dogs

Toni & Verne Beelard
Vacaville, Ca
Triple B
People often ask me what Triple B stands for and I have been known to joke about it. It could mean: Beelard’s Beautiful Bernese, or the Big, the Bad & the Beautiful…or even Bernese, Bassets, and Bulldogs..all favorite breeds of ours. But the truth is, at one point my husband and I had considered opening up a boarding kennel. Those plans never did materialize, but we kept the name we created for our boarding kennel. Our plan was to have a Bed, Breakfast & Bath (for dogs!), thus came about the business name of
                                 Triple B

It was 1985 when I began to research the breed, and I soon realized this breed was fairly expensive to buy, and even harder to acquire! I thought I would never be able to afford one..or find one…much less become a breeder of these magnificent dogs. There weren’t many breeders at that time. It was two years of looking, and talking with breeders, before I got my first Bernese, “Willie”. “Willie” lived to be 10 years old and he showed us how amazing this breed truly is. We added “Tessa” to the family several years later and she fulfilled many of our dreams. Tessa was our first AKC Champion and produced the first Triple B litter in November of 1996. Though “Willie” and “Tessa” are no longer with us, they remain in our hearts forever.